As Performer

Music for Flute and Percussion by Preston Trombly
Works by: Preston Trombly, Lou Harrison, Yasuo Sueyoshi and Harvey Sollberger.
Performers include: Rachel Rudich, alto flute, flute, piccolo; Kory Grossman, percussion; Salvatore Macchia, double bass; William Trig, turtle shell, pod rattle, bass drum, small bell and Chinese tom toms. CRI label.

The Call by Michael William Gilbert
Works by: Michael William Gilbert.
Performers include: Michael William Gilbert, Tim Moran, Salvatore Macchia, David Moss among others. .

Creshevsky, Mott
Works by: Noah Creshevsky and David Mott.
Performers include: Marjorie Shansky, alto flute and Salvatore Macchia, contrabass. Opus One Records.

Chant Corse by Lynn Klock
Works by: Tansman, Ben-Haim, Bozza, Telemann, Tomasi and Macchia.
Performers include: Lynn Klock, tenor saxophone; Laura Klock, horn; Salvatore Macchia, contrabass; Nadine Shank, piano. Open Loop label.